New fancy ski jumping asks



~ I tried to create different ones from those that already exist. Also those are not sorted in any way, this is just the order they came to my mind. I hope you enjoy those thoguh, some of them might be a bit strange (i did them partly after yesterday´s competition, i.e at 5 am). ~ 

1| Did you ever go to a ski jumping competition?                                               

2| Do you have a jumper’s autograph?

3| Do you have a picture with a jumper? 

4| Do you prefer going to live competitions or watching them in front of the TV 

5| Do you like your ski jumping TV-commentators?

6| What do you think of the “new” gate rule 

7| What do you think of the stricter rules for suits (that were followed by a lot of disqualifications) 

8| Do you believe that German and Austrian jumpers are privileged by the jury?

9| Do you think it is legitimate that longer jumps are graded with higher marks? 

10| Any conspiracy theories about ski jumping in general? 

11| Are you interested in the jumpers private life? 

12| Do you follow ski jumpers on twitter/instagram/snapchat? 

13| Do you think ski jumpers should become more “public” persons (like for example football players) 

14| Did you ever read ski jumping fan fiction? 

15| Did you ever write ski jumping fan fiction? 

16| What do you think of ski jumping fan fiction? (Additional: Favourite Fanfic and worst/funniest Fanfic)

17| What do you think of shipping ski jumpers with each other (ironically or not) 

18| What are your favourite ski jumping ships (just ski jumpers) 

19| What are your favourite ski jumping ships (with their girlfriends/wives)

20| What do you do while watching competitions on TV 

21| Did you ever write a letter to a ski jumper or if not would you consider doing it? 

22| What would you ask the jumpers as interviewers? 

23| How would you behave if you met your (favourite) jumper 

24| Have you ever had a (serious) crush on a jumper? 

25| Do you have “real life friends” to fangirl with about ski jumping?

26| Do you rather miss the retired jumpers or are excited for the new generation? 

27| Are you interested in ski jumping techniques and theory? 

28| Do you recognise if the takeoff is too early or too late etc.?

29| Would you prefer if the commentators referred to the theory more often? 

30| Do you skip activities (meeting friends/hobbies/school) to watch competitions? 

31| With whom do you watch the competitions?

32| Are there situations you really get scared for the jumpers? 

33| Who of the current jumpers might be trainer in a few years? 

34| Which jumper interacts with the fans the best way? 

35| Which jumpers have the same zodiac sign as you have? 

36| Which jumpers were born in the same year as you were? 

37| Do any jumpers share your birthday?

38| What (hand-)movements or sounds do you make while sitting in front of the TV to make the jumpers jump longer? 

39| Do you talk to the jumpers on the screen, wave them back or blow them kisses?

40| What websites do you use to inform yourself about ski jumping or follow competitions?

41| Would you enjoy mixed competitons (2 girls and 2 boys)? Should there be more in the WC?

42| Do you ever watch women`s ski jumping?

43| Do you think there should be women´s competitons on large hills or even women`s ski flying?

44| How long have you been on ski jumping tumblr?

45| What do you like the most about ski jumping tumblr?

46| What do you dislike the most about ski jumping tumblr?

47| What is your favourite ski jumping meme?

48| Which jumper would you like to have by your side at a zombie apokalypse?

49| Do you think the 4HT is more important that the olympic games?

50| I can´t fucking think of a fiftieth question but if you have any ideas – message me and we could do a part 2.

ask me something if you’d like🌸