Let’s wrap up this season review with our very…

Let’s wrap up this season review with our very own MOTOGP 2017 AWARDS!

Man of the Year : Marc Marquez (duh!)

The man to beat, or – like his rivals on track would rather say – the man that should be locked in a room in the middle of the desert without any escape possible. Hard to imagine who could stop the spaniard from becoming the cherry on the top of the Racing cake.

Helmet of the Season: “El Diablo” – JL99 // “Nicky” – AI29

We cannot choose.

We loved Jorge’s “El Diablo” helmet for the amazing dark red design with the eyes on it. It looked stunning.

But We also adored Andrea’s hommage helmet to Nicky Hayden. The simplicity of the design (simply “Nicky” written on the top of the helmet which was painted as a blue sky) made it gorgeous and stunning and the best fitting hommage. <3

Quote of the Year: Andrea Iannone – “Gang Bang” Tweet

After one hell of a race, Andrea Iannone took on twitter to share a picture of the fight at Phillip Island. The tweet simply said “GANG BANG” … Has someone told him what it really means yet … ?

Best Race of the Season: Phillip Island – 2017

Many races were amazing this season but Phillip Island was just extra special. The scenery, the non-stop fight, all of the different brands involve. Really, the only thing the Australian GP missed this year was the Ducati bikes fighting with the other. But that, my friend, would have made it, the race of the century!

Save of the Year : Marc Marquez – Valencia GP (save of the DECADE!)

Each and every save by Marquez is out of this world but the Valencia GP one was something else. 

I mean… It could have cost him a world title…!!

The “What do you mean i’m just a rookie” Award: Johann Zarco

Johann Zarco doesn’t give a damn F! about being a rookie. He doesn’t care about who else is on track either. We should have know that at the very moment Zarco made VR46 looked like a GrandPa’ at Losail…

Pass of the Season: 93 vs 04 – Austrian GP – Final Lap

It takes some ba*** to go head to head with Marc Marquez on a final lap of a race. When it’s for the win, it’s even more special !

“Error 404: Communication Faillure” : Mapping 8

You know what we hate more than team orders ? Hidden team order. Mapping 8 simply looked like the modern version of Star Wars’ Order 66.

Crash of the Season: Marc Marquez – Catalan GP 

Come on, there’s NO WAY you’ve forgot about that one! Marc Marquez suffered many crashes this season – as per usual – but he only had one in pit-lane… Off the bike… #Stilllaughingmyassoffthinkingofit 

The “Better than a Soap Opera” Award: SR/JM/MV and their girlfriends

I suggest you go have a look at each of these riders’ instagram and twitter account to understand… In other news, Scott Redding now has a sheep pet!

Nose Job of the Year: Andrea Iannone

Don’t even try to deny it Andrea. We saw the before/after photos…

Fan Question of the Year: “Your girlfriend or Racing” – Danilo Petrucci

The answer is even better really “either i change girlfriend or she starts working”. Wow! 

The “They all predicted it and… It never happened” Award: Vinales

After the pre-season tests, Maverick had already won the title if you were listenning to most experts… Like a famous 69 always said “That’s why we line up on Sunday, you never know what’s going to happen”.

Best “looking like a dumba$$” moment of the Season: Andrea Iannone – Phillip Island QP Session

Andrea Iannone wanted to get a tow from Marc Marquez at Phillip Island during the QP session this year. The spaniard had other plans. Better than an explanation, have a look at the whole scene here: #HowToLooseYourTow

The “Fans didn’t asked for that” Award: Valentino Rossi – Misano

For Valentino to miss a race – any race – it’s already a nightmare for the fans. For him to miss his home round, to miss Misano, there’s not even words to describe it… yet judging by the F-ING weather they had this weekend, i bet Vale was fine with not racing that day!

Weirdest looking fairing Award: Ducati

It’s a plane! It’s a Shark! It’s a Hammer Head Shark Duca-Plane Bike ! 

The “They didn’t see that coming” Award: Yamaha

They won 4 races. In total. In the whole season. ONLY 4 RACES !!!!!!