JL99 – 10: Went from struggling to make it into the top 10 with a possible retirement to first pole position and back-to-back wins on the red beast with a whole new deal with THE MotoGP team, the one every rider dreams of… Least you can say is that our Jorge was pretty busy this month !

AD05 – 3: Dovi used to have quite a lot of bad luck. Then it all disappear last season. Was he cured of it ? Seems like nope.

MV25 – 5: Like i said to someone else last week, it’s not even funny anymore to throw rocks at Maverick so we’ll try something else, as i love me some underdog. Hang in there Mack, you can do it! We’re cheering for you!

VR46 – 9: Hot damn, grandpa’ is still here! Slowly and quietly but surely getting his hands on a top 3 in the standings… Or can he get more ?

MM93 – 10: Like one of my friends said, Marc – smarty ass – Marquez should have Energiser as a sponsor as he’s clearly way past the RedBull point there, doing somersaults after one very hot 50 minutes race.

DP26 – 7: Dani is sorry he made us cry. He is sorry we were freaking out scared he could retire. Dani still has good hopes for next season. And so do we.

CC35 – 7: Cal did a pretty good race taking him home 4th place but it’s his daughter Willow who stole the show. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we suggest you to have a look at Lucy’s instagram post from last week. #icantwithsomuchcuteness

AE41 – 3: Aleix is a new Dad. He is probably not having his regular quota of sleep so we’ll pass on that poor weekend.