MV25 – 9: I’ll not lie, that was great to see a real smile on Maverick’s face for a change. Could have been a 10 but not with that race start…

DP9 – 3: Let’s all pretend we didn’t see Danilo, ok ? That’s better this way..

AR42 – 7: Top 5 after top 5, Alex is becoming a strong podium contender for this end of season. Hopefully he’ll start the 2019 one the same way he’s finishing this one.

VR46 – 6: I know that bike is a POS but still, i’m disappointed here Vale especially knowing what Maverick did after he was 10 in the early laps !

AI29 – 9: I’ve heard that Belen isn’t around anymore. Well if it’s the breakup situation which is pushing Andrea to perform this well, he should breakup more often !

AD04 – 7: Being the “only rider able to stop Marquez” one could have thought that with Marquez’ DNF, Dovi had it in the bag … But no.

AB19 – 9: WHAT A RIDE ALVARO !! #GiveThisManAMotoGPBike  

MM93 – 7: For once Marc Marquez was involved in a racing incident that clearly wasn’t even his fault so if you’re blaming Marc this time, get you some freaking glasses! Also, that QP session… WOW!

JZ5 – 6: You cannot buy yourself some class. But if you’re a MotoGP rider playing piano in your free time, there’s a good chance you’ve got that naturally. Johann does judging by the fact he went to Marc Marquez to apologize for the race incident. Bravo.