Man of the season : Marc Marquez

I mean.. DUH ! Who else could really compete with the multiple times reigning World Champ ?

Bromance of the year: VR46 & JL99 – Mugello 

Imagine Valentino and Jorge, together on a gondola in Venice. Impossible ? Not if you’ve watched the Mugello GP’s post race press conf. “But with nice girls” Jorge added. Of course. 

Race of the season: Assen

We’ve been blessed with many incredible races this season but nothing compares to the DutchGP. A classic track made for bikes and only for bikes providing one hell of a fight for the win until the very end of the race. What’s more to like than that ?

The “It’s not me, it’s him” award: Jorge Lorenzo – Aragon

To be agree with Jorge Lorenzo, or not to be ? That’s a good question. One we’re still unsure of how we feel about. One thing’s clear though: Jorge could have prevented the crash by simply loosing a few places.

Most impressive crash of the year: Pirro (mugello) & Lorenzo (Buriram)

Pirro’s horrific crash at the Mugello won this easily up until Lorenzo had this scary highside in Thailand that cost him so much in the second half of the season. The Ducati might be the fastest on track but she’s also quite the threat to a rider’s life…

Worst haircut of the year: Scott Redding’s dreadlocks

Without even a freaking doubt! 

Pass of the season: Jorge Lorenzo – Austria

Most of Lorenzo’s pass are always a delight to see because they are as precise as a knife cutting skin. This one wasn’t. To beat Marquez you have to play like Marquez. He does block passes. You have to do the same. Lorenzo studied well and mastered the block pass for a race win on the block pass King himself. Impressive. 

Save of the year: Marc Marquez – Catalan GP (Q1) 

This has to become Marc Marquez’ lifetime award. Nobody else can do these like he does. After last year save while leading the ValenciaGP against Zarco, we thought he could never best that. WE WERE WRONG! Proof: his never ending slide and save at Catalunya! Don’t lie, we were all mesmerized by it and watched it a couple of hundred times on replay. 

The “Quote for the ages” awards: Jorge Lorenzo

I’m not a great rider, i’m a world champion”. You take that Domenicalli! A world champion you’ve just lost! 

The “Going from bad to worst” award: Yamaha

Last season was quite a bad one with only 4 wins but this season was a disaster. Only Maverick Vinales was able to save a little bit of the Japaese’s brand honor in Phillip Island, winning their only victory in 2018 after Marquez and a few other challengers went down.

Most tearfully goodbyes of the season: Dani Pedrosa’s farewell

The year has finally come where we had to say Goodbye to one of our OG. One of the best rider ever and someone most people between 20 and 30 admired and loved. The year has finally come to say Goodbye to Dani Pedrosa. Even though be knew it was coming, we still weren’t ready for that.

Worst season of his never ending career award: Valentino Rossi

With no win at all in 2018, Valentino’s season felt as bad as back when he was at Ducati. Something he probably never thought would happen at Yamaha… 

Phone call of the decade: Jorge Lorenzo & Alberto Puig

Jorge Lorenzo should have never go to the HRC if you listen to most experts. The bike will never suit him, the HRC only has eyes for Marquez bla bla bla. And yet, with just one phone call, Alberto Puig’s made himself one of the most successfull time in MotoGP history. Let’s be honest, if someone can beat Marquez with his own weapon, it’s Lorenzo. And vice-versa.

Worst closet you’ve ever seen: Jorge Lorenzo’s Philipp Plein collection

We did not questioned Jorge’s fashion sense when he started wearing very long shirt. We stayed quiet about the pink swimwear he loves so much. We even thought his red hair was a cute touch last season. His collection of funky jackets and colorful shoes from Philipp Plein though was too much for our eyes! 

The “i knew he could do it” award: Alex Rins

Man of the second half of the season, the rise of Alex Rins was long awaited by some of us. Now let’s see how well does he feel in the “leading man for Suzuki” shoes.

“Most useless person” award: Uccio – Argentina

You’re not Lin Jarvis. Nor Carmello Ezpeleta. Do not dare tell Marc Marquez to go away ever again.

The “Lady luck loves you” award: Marquez & Zarco – Phillip Island

That huge crash at a very fast part of Phillip Island could have ended so bad. Luckely for both men, a few scratches and bike parts destroyed was all there was to deplore.

Favorite Helmet this season: “King Mugello” – JL99 – CatalanGP

We love a good graffity helmet and so we were really glad to see Jorge Lorenzo bring this one back with a whole new and updated version at Catalunya.

Breakup of the year: Andrea Iannone & Bellen !

I’m still refusing to think about it… *ugly cries*

The return of the spartan award: Jorge Lorenzo’s back to back wins

After almost a year and a half without winning a race, Jorge Lorenzo made the 2018 summer his by: calling Alberto for a deal, telling his boss (Claudio) who’s the real boss, winning his first race for Ducati at the Mugello, making official he was leaving his team at the end of the season at the italian GP press conference, announcing his whole new shinny deal with Honda a few days later, winning again in Catalunya, taking so many pole position even Marquez was jealous and mastering the block pass. All this while making sure Dovizioso really was pissed off. Good job Jorge.