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Photo by Alex Farinelli

A u s t r i a    2 O I 9

original – Photo by Gigi Soldano

Photo by: @cormacgp

A u s t r i a   2 O I 9

original – Photo by Gigi Soldano


R e d B u l l    R i n g

Photo by: @cormacgp

T a k e   a   l o o k

Andrea Dovizioso vs Marc Marquez @RedBullRing2O19


MV12 – 9: There’s no denying Maverick’s talent but we’ve kind of been waiting for a while for that! Good on him to prove us wrong but this result as fantastic as it is will have to be repeated in the next few rounds for Yamaha to be kind of out of their crisis.

VR46 – 3: You know, even for non Rossi fanatics, seeing this legend struggling so much just HURTS. We’re sure he still has it in him but maybe that just bot worth waiting for it anymore… 🤷🏻‍♀️

AR42- 6: That early crash was so unfortunate Alex! Clearly had my money on him. Clearly lost a bit of $$… 😩

MM93 – 8: Even on days where, from his own words, everything wasn’t ready for him to be able to win, he still gets 2nd. This, my dear friends, is why he is untouchable.

AD04 – 6: Years and seasons goes by and Dovizioso is still lacking that extra something World Champs have.

FQ20 – 8: Another impressive weekend for the rookie who’s giving us major Zarco throwbacks. Hopefully it will all end up better for him than his fellow frenchman.

DP9 – 6: Beware Danillo, do not close too much on Dovi or else you’ll be asked to drop a place… 👀

JL99 – DNS: Mother luck has totally left the Lorenzo boat. Hopefully she will make a comeback soon enough or at least before he breaks himself a few more vertebrae…


MM93 – 10: For that race only, Jorge has been added to the thanks list at the end of Marc’s title winning speech.

MV12 – 3: His anger & frustration were obvious but come on Mack, the middle finger is too much of a low point for you to do it. You’re better than that.

FQ20 – 9: Pole on Saturday, Podium on Sunday. The new Zarco is on fire.

DP9 – 8: It’s amazing how winning a race changes a man. Petrucci seems on a roll since his Italian GP win and could become one of the many key factor into this season’s title chase.

JL99 – 3: Sometimes, Sh*t happens. But kuddos to Jorge for taking the blame, apologizing and having made a step forward on the bike this weekend!

AR42 – 7: Not as present as during the first few races but still scoring important points.

AD04 – 4: I have seen a lot of “JL destroyed Dovizioso’s title chances with this crash” but let’s be honest here, there’s many races still to go. Like Nicky Hayden would say, anything can happen, that’s why they line up on Sunday.

VR46 – 4: Sometimes being the veteran makes you speak the truth. No animosity coming from Vale regarding Jorge’s bowling party was the highlight of my Sunday. Some of his so called fans asking for JL’s head on a pick in front of Tavullia tho, not so much.

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