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Andreas Mikkelsen has been dropped again by Hyundai. (Definitely, I hope at this point). After a good season with 3 podiums and a 4th place in the Championship (4th place considering that the team left him home 3 times), Hyundai decided not to make him drive for the last rally of the season in Australia, rally that he won in 2016. Mikkelsen got important points for the team during the season accepting team orders and bringing, along with his teammates, Hyundai at one step from the Constructors Title (they could win in Australia). This decision won’t let him defend the 4th place in the Drivers Standing and could damage his career, not considering the lack of respect for not make him drive the last rally of the season after all he did for Hyundai. Simply unfair, an horrible management.
I wish Andreas Mikkelsen and his co-driver, Anders Jaeger, to find a good team in WRC who allows them to compete for the Championship for the entire 2020 season, supporting them through good and bad times… as a professional relation in the motorsport should be.

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