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Cal Crutchlow – Aragon 2017

Cal Crutchlow – Aragon 2017



As 2017 is coming to an end, it seems like the appropriate time to have a look back at the whole season that saw Marc Marquez, once again, take the crown. Without further do, let’s start this season review with a special edition of Rating the Riders !

MM93 – 10: Mr Save saved his crown by saving what seems like a sure crash in the final race of the season. Hate him of love him, if you must, but in the end just feel blessed to see History in the making.

CC35 – 5: Seasons come and go but they’re never the same for Cal. As much as last year has been a good year for him, this one sure was close to a disaster.

AD04 – 9,5: Like Moses, Dovi’s been leading Ducati and the Ducatisti to the promise land. The last round failure does not even bring one hint of a shadow to his fabulous rising to the Alien’s Club this season.

DP26 – 8: Dani makes us cry. Weither it’s of joy or anger, one thing is sure, we would glady take Michelin’s Big Boss into hostage to make sure they (FINALLY) give him some great rubber.

JL99 – 7: Life is like a Ferris Wheel. Sometimes you’re on Top, sometimes you’re not but it always keeps on turning. Chin up Jorge, this year’s purgatory can only lead to Glory Days.

VR46 – 6,5: Lin Jarvis can call this season whatever he wants, a MotoGP season where Yamaha has only won 5 races is, to me, nothing less than an epic fail. Who’s to blame ? This we cannot answer but i’m sure the Yellow Army were expecting more than just an Assen GP Win.

JZ05 – 9: Johann came in like a rocket ship. He’s made of The Joker madness mixed up with Master Yoda’s wisdom.

AI29 – 6: Nose job or not, 2017 was definately not the year Andrea shined by his skills. Or, at least, his skills on track…

DP9 – 7: Like some bigger names on the grid, Danilo came pretty F-ING close to a GP win this season. The fastest Gorilla on track is slowly but surely writting himself a name in the racing books. 

MV25 – 6,5: You’ve all been feeding me Vinales like he was the 8th Wonder of the World from November 2016 to March. Well, i suppose you’ve missed the memo: there’s only 7 Wonder in this Earth and none of them is named Maverick... Like Valentino, the poor score is mainly due to the massive disappointment this season has brought which might not really be the riders’ fault…

SR45 – 5: Was Scott in competition with Andrea 29 for the big prize of “most talked rider outside the track because of rubbish shit going on” ? I dunno, but stealing the other guy on the grid’s girlfriend is never, EVER, the way to go..

KA17 – 3: Dad’s money can buy many things. With, maybe, the exception of a  better place than 20th in the final championship standings. 

AB19 – 7: I’ve heard wedding bells are ringing for Alvaro this December! It’s what i call closing a fairly great year with a BANG

Happy Birthday Cal Crutchlow!!

Happy Birthday Cal Crutchlow!!

The Pack – Australia 2017

The Pack – Australia 2017


RATING THE RIDERS: ROUND 15 – JAPANAD04 – 10: Even in a dream…


AD04 – 10: Even in a dream season, it takes at least someone at 300% to beat Marc Marquez in the last lap of a race… BRAVISSIMO DOVI !!

MM93 – 9,5: We used to say that, in the end, Marquez always win. Scrap That!

DP9 – 9: Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride … ?

VR46 – 5: At 7am, All of Europe was watching the race. At 7:10am, 90% of it went back to bed.

JL99 – 6: Not that we are counting (joking, we totally ARE), but only 3 more chances of not havin a blank year, Giorgio...

AR42 – 8: We knew it! We knew this one was a good one! Oh that Rinsy Boy! *fangirling*

AI29 – 7: Oh hey, Andrea Iannone!! Long time since we last saw you!

MV25 – 6: The KinG, The Man.. The One who does not win.

DP26 – 3: *writting one very angry letter to Michelin*

CC35 – 1: Bonus point for not crashing into someone else on Sunday ! 


Cal Crutchlow – Aragon 2017

Cal Crutchlow – Aragon 2017


RATING THE RIDERS: ROUND 14 – ARAGONMM93 – 10: With rain, sun,…


MM93 – 10: With rain, sun, wind, snow, without a leg or an arm, when doing mistakes all around the track (and i tend to believe even when going down)… in the end Marquez always wins. 

JL99 – 9: Not all love story are  L O V E  at first sight. Some are a long and slow burn but they tend to be the best ones… Right Giorgio ?! 

DP26 – 8:Dani should race alone” says Vale. Hey, i wouldn’t mind watching that for 23 laps tbh… 😀 

CC35 – 3: No parmigiano this weekend, just cracking eggs in the gravel trap.

JZ5 – 6: That’s what a “meh” weekend looks like for Zarco. And Yes, Baz would probably want his to look more like that.

VR46 – 8: Yup. You’ve just been DOCTORED watching that race. RIP calling sick at Work…

MV25 – 7: All right Maverick, here’s a thing: You cannot do well just on Saturdays if you want more than a BMW.