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Marc Marquez is 2OI9 MotoGP World Champion!

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Andreas Mikkelsen is having a tough time. Signed in 2019 as Hyundai official driver with Neuville and Sordo-Loeb as “wild card”, he has been dropped for the second time in five rallies. No points for him in Montecarlo and Mexico, but in both occasions he showed a fast pace tryin’ to compete for the win, Andreas scored a 4th place in Sweden, 2nd in Argentina and a (disappointing) 7th in the new RallyChile. But let’s analyze the situation for the beginning. He has been left home by Hyundai, and team principal Andrea Adamo, for RallyCorsica and replaced by Sordo due the intention of the team do gain more points as possible for the constructors championship, considering Mikkelsen not fast enough on an asphalt rally (but he won Rally Spain back in 2015!). Andreas and his co-driver, Anders Jaeger, were obviously disappointed, after all they drive to win, but they accepted the decision in a professional way. They came back in Argentina gaining an amazing 2nd place and good points for Hyundai, then they had a difficult weekend in Chile, with a 7th place probably (my opinion following the entire week end) accepting also the team’s request not to push and take risks but finish the rally for, again, constructors points. Mikkelsen should have raced in Portugal but one week before the rally he was not on the participants list. Loeb at his place. Yes, amazing Sebastien Loeb but what about Andreas? Again, Hyundai wants points and do not trust in the Norwegian after Chile. But think about it. How unfair is this decision? It’s not just one more rally. It’s about a driver’s career. It’s about having trust in a professional driver, and most of all in a person who always did his best for the team. It’s a sacrifice not only in professional terms but also personal. Mikkelsen has proved in the years to be fast in every condition (three third overall standings in the World Championship with Volkswagen in 2014-2015-2016 seasons, not really a loser!). Yes, he struggled last year with the i20 but how can he has confidence back staying’ at home? He drove very well in Sweden and Argentina and this is the reward?! I follow MotoGP, WRC, F1, SBK and I have never saw a bad managing and treatment like this for a professional driver, never. I hope he and Anders to be fast in the rallies left and leave Hyundai at the end of the season. I am not saying this because he is Andreas Mikkelsen, I like and admire also others drivers like Latvala, Tanak o Meeke and many others in different championships as I wrote before. Nobody deserves a treatment like this, a real damage to a career build with years of hard work on track and outside. I wish to Andreas Mikkelsen and Anders Jaeger the very best for the future, maybe not with Hyundai.

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“Who wins so much and so often is the one who is ready to lose in every moment”