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Motorsport is off due to the virus emergency, I am going to suggest a few things worth to watch while you’re stuck at home!
I’ve already posted this one but it deserves another chance. A documentary by RedBullTv about Dani Pedrosa’s life and career, I can assure it’s very touching. 

Dani Pedrosa testing KTM in Sepang


Surreal stoppie by Dani Pedrosa in Motegi 2O14
From 280 kmh to 90 kmh at turn 11

Suggested (again) –> Check out this AMAZING (and touching) documentary about Dani Pedrosa (by RedBullTV) on:

It’s worth it.

S a m u r a i

K T M   B a c k s t a g e

C a t a l u n y a   2OI4

D a n c i n g   d r i v e r s   u l t i m a t e   c o l l e c t i o n  PART II

Andreas Mikkelsen (WRC), Dani Pedrosa & Marc Marquez (MotoGP), Daniel Ricciardo and Charles Leclerc (F1)

For PART I –>



MM93 – 10: Marc – freaking flying away into the distance – Marquez won @ Jerez.

That’s it. That’s the tea.

VR46 – 6: Not often that Valentino got his ass kicked by his younger spanish teammate. I’m not sure i like that tbh. Hmm…

JZ5 – 3: Well Johann if that reassures you, judging by Jorge’s results so far, you wouldn’t have done much better on the RCV anyway… 

AR42 – 9: Alex Rins doesn’t only a Lion’s mane as hairs now, he also has the will to be King.

*Mic Drop*

FQ20 – 8: Would you please stop here with the crying Fabio. I do not know if my little heart could take more of it.

MV12 – 8: Mack took a good start. Mack stayed in shaped the whole race. Mack’s gotten a podium. MACK DID NOTHING LIKE THE MACK WE KNOW AND WE LIKE IT.

JL99 – 3: U’re my Boy JLo and i got Ur Back 4ever – but please tell me we’re not going into another year and a half of struggles. Please ? Jorge ?

*JL can’t hear you*


AD04 – 6: I feel like since Dovi’s got read of Lorenzo as a teammate is doing “meh, whatever” 99% of the time. Now is it just me or does he needs someone to kick his ass in order to be back into the form he was over the last 2 seasons ?!

Special mention for DP26: We were happy to see U. We miss U. Please. Come Back.