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Round 1 of Rating the Riders : 2019 Qatar GP

Round 1 of Rating the Riders : 2019 Qatar GP

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AR42 – 8: i don’t know if it’s the hair or whatever he’s eating lately but Alex Rins was kicking everybody’s ass on the Suzuki!

JL99 – 6: i believe Jorge’s HRC deal had a few lines written in the smallest caracters ever telling that he wasn’t only taking Dani Pedrosa’s bike but his bad luck as well.

AD04 – 9: Just like last year, Dovi wins at Losail. We know how it ended last time but now that he has a secret weapon named Danilo can he REALLY finish ahead of Marquez in the standings ? 🤔

MM93 – 8: What kind or « nursing shoulder » shit were you expecting ?!

MV12 – 4: New Year. New Number. New Maverick. Same old crappy race start.

JM36 – 7: This new comer is not just here to be some kind of eye candy for the Ladies but to get sh$t done!

VR46 – 7: it looked promising at first. A FP1 straight outta 2008, Vale leading with Jorge on his tail. And then FP2 happened… Thanks God he’s still able to give it to Maverick during the race!

DP9 – 6: After a great bunch of winter tests, Danilo is now back to reality. The one which says that his only job is as simple as making sure Dovi is in front of him while blocking everybody else behind. Life as a number 2 sucks, right ?

CC35 – 8: we were just as relieved as Lucy to see Cal back on the podium!

FQ20 – 7: didn’t we all « awwww » when seeing Fabio cry in his box at the end of the race ? 19 years old guys, 19!



Danilo Petrucci Sepang test 2019 day 3

Danilo Petrucci
Sepang test 2019 day 3

Danilo Petrucci 2019 edition, Mission Winnow D…

Danilo Petrucci 2019 edition, Mission Winnow Ducati

The dark horse of the 2019 MotoGP Championship? Hell yeah!


Mission Winnow Ducati Team – 2019



MM93 – 10: The unbeatable Marquez’ done it again this year. Focus, aggressive, smart but yet still a burn head, the spaniard is becoming the greatest rider of all time, even though he might never beat Rossi on being the most loved. His ability to add titles to his name like we do pearls on a necklace is incredible to witness even though it could become boring at some point. That’s where his whole new teammate for 2019 comes in play…

VR46 – 5: Not a single win this season is bringing Valentino right back to the worst time of his career: his switch to Ducati. A few years later, the italian bike is a weapon while the M1 never stops loosing ground on her opponents. 

AR42 – 7: A superb end to his 2018 season has push Alex into being rider n*1 for Suzuki. He’ll now have to work harder than ever before as Iannone is out by the window while a shinning new star named Joan Mir is coming in right by the front door. 

DP9 – 5: Let’s all be honest here, the only great thing which happened in 2018 for Danilo was Lorenzo saying “CIAO!” to Ducati so he could (finally) joined his best buddy Desmo Dovi on the big red beast. It’s only for a year though, so you better watch out for your back Petrux…

AD04 – 7,5: Another year, another championship lost for Andrea Dovizioso. The italian, now being Ducati’s main arrow for next year’s title target, is strong and can win multiples wins per season. But as the last two years proved, you need more that having the best bike on the grid to become World Champion. Can 2019 be his year ?

DP26 – 6: Seasons were becoming harder and harder for Dani Pedrosa so it was only fitting for him to call it quits. Yet that doesn’t mean we won’t miss him. Don’t be a stranger, Little Samurai. Come to the paddock many times, work as well as we know you can for KTM. We’ll always be cheering for you in whatever you do. <3

AB19 – 7: Another guy is leaving us. Soldier Bautista will be looking for better and greener grass in World SBK next season with Ducati. All we can wish now is for him to be a real threat to Rea’s crown. If someone can, it’s Bauti!

JL99 – 8,5: The man who is a World Champion and not just a great rider didn’t delivered his best season, yes, but he made another Hollywood comeback that only him can. Switching from 0 wins almost retired and depress to 3 wins, multiple poles and a new shinning deal with the best team in the world was THE story of the season especially as it all happened in just a couple of days. Last year we said life was like a ferris wheel and that Lorenzo would back to glory and so he did.

MV25 – 6: Like his legendary teammate, The Doctor, Maverick went from bad to worst this season. Only one win this year for the multiple times MotoGP Test World Champion is not even disappointing anymore but a total disaster. We now hope that a change as simple as switching from #25 to #12 will finally put Vinales right where everybody expected him to be when he joined Yamaha. Yet, we could not be more unsure of anything else… 

JZ5 – 6: A second season far from being as good as his rookie one, a chance to be a HRC rider thrown to the bin and a new challenge with KTM, a bike far from being good enough yet to challenge for the win: 2018 wasn’t what we expected from Johann Zarco. 


Catalunya 2018



MM93 – 9: Marc Marquez aka the man who wins even when he fails. #machine

AD04 – 6: Sometimes even with the best bike on the grid you cannot win.

JZ5 – 8: … And suddenly, Johann is back !

DP9 – 4:Can we swap them, get Danilo in WSBK and keep Alvaro ?” – Every Ducati fans out there…

VR46 – 9: Fate must have something against you when you crash out of the most perfect ride you’ve been able to do all season. We don’t know about you, but we were sad.

AR42 – 8: Rise and Shine, we’re pretty certain Alex was the revelation of this Asian trip !

DP26 – 8: Hold on your tears everyone, Valencia is coming…

AB19 – 8: Can you stay Alvaro ? Please. We’re begging you.


HS55 – 7: Local hero providing heroic ride for his home fans.

Danilo Petrucci – Motegi 2018

Danilo Petrucci – Motegi 2018

Danilo Petrucci – Thailand 2018

Danilo Petrucci – Thailand 2018