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Billie Nelson Norton  Governors Bridge 1966 Senior TT 

Jimmy Guthrie (Norton) 1967 Senior Manx Grand Prix

Ken Tilley (Norton) 1967 Senior Manx Grand Prix

Norton John Player

John Cooper GB Norton

Ron Haslam GB Norton 588 1985

Mechanics work on two Norton motorcycles before the start of the Tourist Trophy Race on the Isle of Man

Geoff Duke checks his Norton machine before the start of a race at Ulster.
September 1951

Spectators watch as Geoff Duke of Great Britain riding the #57 Norton 500cc motorcycle walks into the paddock after winning the Isle of Man SeniorTT Tourist Trophy motorcycle race 1950

John Surtees 11 February 1934 – 10 March 2017)  four-time 500cc motorcycle World Champion