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Andreas Mikkelsen & Anders Jaeger – Volkswagen Polo R WRC

Check his Vlog on YouTube!

Andreas Mikkelsen – WRC Wales 2019
(By Belgian Rallyproduction)

Check his Vlog on YouTube!

Andreas Mikkelsen:

Motorsport is off due to the virus emergency, I am going to suggest a few things worth to watch while you’re stuck at home!
This is one of my favorite things ever on the Internet. Andreas Mikkelsen’s Vlog. Weekly episodes to follow Andreas’s personal and professional life. Technically well done by RawMedia, episodes are out every Sunday at twelve o’clock.

Andreas Mikkelsen – WRC Turkey 2OI9

Andreas Mikkelsen – WRC Mexico 2OI9

Motorsport 2O2O season is underway…

I love motorsport in general and I believe all the drivers/riders with their skills, stories and challenges deserve maximum respect. All of them. This year I want to send the best wishes to three drivers/riders in particular. They are my favs in motorsport and they all had a difficult 2019 season. They are all talented but they all made mistakes, faced highs and lows, been disappointed. They have been criticized and someone raised doubts about their performances. But they’re champions. And champions never give up. I wish to Andreas Mikkelsen, Valentino Rossi and Sebastian Vettel new challenges, new triumphs and to be back where they deserve. All the best guys! Always following you.


A wild Mikkelsen appears

“We had 4 four runs… this is three… this is four”

Andreas Mikkelsen – WRC Sweden 2OI9, Shakedown.

*someone says he’s not good on tarmac*

Andreas Mikkelsen – WRC Germany 2OI9

Instagram: le_stig_alsacien